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Breeding Toggenburgs with Production That Shows.

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Due to the small size of the Quality Crest herd, young milkers are usually available in the spring.  Watch for listings as they become available.

 Orders for spring buck and doe kids are now being presold.  See "The Ladies" page for breedings and prices.

Kids can be reserved with a $100 deposit which is nonrefundable unless the kid is not born or for some reason is deemed unsuitable to be sold as a breeding animal.  Kids can be shipped from DFW airport.  Cost of health papers, crate, and shipping are the responsibility of the buyer.  Kids are raised on a lam-bar and fed raw goat colostrum and raw goat milk from our CAE negative herd.  No animal leaves the farm until it has been paid for in full and checks have cleared the bank.  If kids are to be shipped estimated costs for shipping and all incidental costs must also be paid before shipment.

Kids picked up at the farm must be picked up by the time they reach three weeks of age.  After that time an additional $2/day will be charged for care and feed.  Kids are shipped as close to three weeks of age as possible.  We will always attempt to have kids put on direct flights and recommend that you pick up your kid at a major airport to avoid connections and possible delays.

 I reserve the right to retain any kid for my own herd and in such instances a refund will be made, you can select an alternative kid or hold over the order for another year.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  It is highly recommended that you provide a second choice mating to avoid disappointment.




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