"Production That Shows®"
Breeding Toggenburgs with Production That Shows.

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A NOTE ON SHIPPING:  We have been shipping kids for many years without any problems.  Kids are generally shipped at 3-4 weeks of age.  Buyer is responsible for paying shipping fees as well as our costs for health papers and crates and incidental costs which may be incurred if shipment is an export.  Beginning in 2018 we will only ship kids that can be put on a direct flight on either American or United Airlines.  Because of their poor track record we will not use Delta.  Using only direct flights limits the possibility of animals being lost or sent to the wrong airport and is easier on the animal.  If you don not live near a major airport with direct service from DFW Airport you will have to pick up your kid at the farm or arrange to have it transported.  Generally we cannot deliver kids because we are very limited on help. If you have questions about shipping please contact us BEFORE ordering a kid.   It is possible to ship two kids in one crate if sent before they get over 20 pounds each.  Kids to be picked up at the farm must be picked up by the time they are three weeks old or there will be an additional $5/day care fee added thereafter.

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