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GCH+*B Quality-Crest Cassanova Cowboy ETA 45 44

s: SGCH++*B Sun-Kissed Razzddw Whinchezter FS92 PTI 50 188

ss: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin FS92 PTI 78 86

sd: SGCH Sun-Kissed Madame Razz 3*M FS93 PTI 157 207, 2x National GCH

d: SGCH California Frnchise Cadence 5*M FS94 PTI 137 162, 3x National GCH

ds: CH*B Rowe's Raven Franchise FS90

dd: GCH California Landmark Cachet 4*M FS91 PTI 76 154

Cowboy has a pedigree that would be hard to surpass in milk production, national show champions, high appraisal scores and positive PTIs.  His dam was three times ADGA National Show grand champion, his paternal granddam was national champion twice and his sire produced a national champion.  So far Cowboy has lived up to his incredible potential with three permanent champion daughters and several with championship legs across the country.  He finished his championship this year going GCH/BOB in all four rings and BBIS in three rings at the CTDGA Buck Bonanza.  Semen: 5/4250.  Stud fee: $100

Cowboy's dam: SGCH California Frnchise Cadence 5*M FS94

2012,2013, 2014 ADGA National Grand Champion Toggenburg

*B Rowe's Romano Future ETA 53 36 (carries the "A" allele for casein)

s: +*B Rowe's Wapiti A Riomano FS91 PTI 114 127

ss: +*B Legendairy Wallfower's Wapiti

sd: GCH Rowe's Rialto Rosey 10*M FS92 PTI 26 95

d: GCH Rowe's Rialto Fuchsia 10*M FS92 PTI 52 96

ds: ++*B Rowe's Maddison Rialto FS90 PTI 48 94

dd: GCH Rowe's Spirit Feisty 9*M FS92 PTI 40 101

Future is a 2019 kid that we brought into the herd specifically to use on the Cowboy daughters.  His dam is an amazing doe that I had the honor of putting GCH and BUIS at the 2018 California State Fair.  His dam, Fuchsia, was Res. Best Toggenburg Udder at the 2019 national show and Future's two full sisters were 1st 2-year-old and first 3-year old (as well as GCH and Best Toggenburg Udder) at the 2019 national show as well.  He has plenty of milk production behind him with 3000-4000# records on his dam and both granddams.   With such a heritage we think he will be a great cross to our Cowboy daughters.  Future is a very large, growthy kid with amazing substance of bone, length of body and dairy strength.  Semen: 5/$150.  Stud fee: $100.

Future's dam SGCH Rowe's Rialto Fuchsia 10*M FS92

2nd/1st udder 2-19 ADGA National Show; Res. Best Udder of breed

Future's full sister SGCH Rowe's Romano Fury 11*M FS93

2019 ADGA National Grand Champion and Best Udder of breed

Royal Cedars Cocoa Machiato

s: CH Royal Cedars Vesuvius FS90

ss: GCH+*B Joheas-Acres Call My Bluff FS89

sd: Royal Cedars Ambrosia Venus FS88 (yearling)

d: GCH Royal Cedars Cocoa Bean 3*M FS92 PTI 60 111

ds: *B Moss-Ridge Dandie Mojito FS88

dd: Royal Cedars Coffee Bean 2*M

Machiato is a 2019 kid brought into the herd based upon the beautiful make and shape of his dam Cocoa Bean.  His paternal granddam, Venus, was an oustanding doe who unfortunately died at a very young age so never had the chance to live up to her full potential.  His sire, Vesuvius, sired the 1st place junior get of sire at the 2019 national show.  Machiato is smaller than the animals we are used to working with but he has amazing height and width in the escutcheon and is extremely open ribbed and dairy.  We added him to use down the road on the Future/Cowboy cross daughters so he isn't getting much use this breeding season. Stud fee: $100.

Machiato's dam GCH Royal Cedars Cocoa Bean 3*M FS92

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