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*B Quality-Crest Cassanova Cowboy (AT)  ETA 43  30

sire: SGCH++*B Sun-Kissed Razzddw Whinchezter FS92 EEE  PTI 50  118

ss: ++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin FS92 EEE  PTI 78  86

sd: SGCH Sun-Kissed Madame Razz 3*M FS93 EEEE  PTI 157 207

dam: SGCH California Frnchise Cadence 5*M FS94 EEEE  PTI 137  162

ds: CH*B Rowe's Raven Franchise FS90 EEV

dd: GCH California Landmark Cachet 4*M FS91 EEEE  PTI  76  154

Where do you start on a buck like this!   Cowboy's dam is a 3x National GCH with multiple 3000# records, his paternal granddam is a two-time National Champion, his sire is a National Show Premier Sire and sire of a National Champion, his paternal grandsire is the sire of a National Champion ... the appraisal scores in his "up front" pedigree are all Excellent (90, 91, 92, 92, 93 and 94!) ... and the PTI's are all positive.  In addition, Cowboy is an ADGA Young Sire Development qualified buck.  He is a deep, angular young man with beautiful width in the rear and openness of ribbing that is amazing.  His first daughters fresh in several herds are consistently outstanding in mammary systems, with especially impressive fore udder extension and overall udder support.

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